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and giving. look at pakistan. we gave pakistan $2 billion a year and said to them, here, have this money, find bin laden. what did we do? we are getting -- they were never going to find bin laden. the minute they found him they lost the two million. so the tail shouldn't be wagging the dog when it comes to foreign assistance. >> thank you very much. after the bluster, the bs, the benghazi hearing moving into a debate over security funding. >> the funds provided by congress were enat quit. >> for the past two years ago the also meteorologist's meteorologist's for diplomatic fun has been slashed. >> congress has consistently given less. >> mullins and pickerring says that money was and is in the budget is very important and makes a difference. >> i would ask this committee to work with us. there are holds on the security funding going to libya. >> but the numbers tell a very different story. funding for embassy security in the region has actually been spiking and is expected to remain high. brett, that became the best sort of defense becoming offense. it's all the republicans' fault. >> it
through the middle east around pakistan and afghanistan. i was hoping you might want to share important lessons that you learned from the time you spent in this post and enlighten us on what congress can do to help respond and get in front of the threats as you move forward. related to that, if i may, assuming that you are goingbe to say what you said a couple of times of increasing engagement at the ground level, how do we do that in areas that are unstable? where we need to depend on local governments or local security forces? that quite frankly we have seen don't have the ability to provide type of security that our diplomats will demand? >> congressman, wonderful to see you here. i thank you for your interest to looking in to the future. let me make a couple of point points. we have a lot of tools that we don't use as well as we should. we advocated the broadcasting arena in tv and radio considered old fashioned media are still very important in the ungoverned areas and difficult places we are trying to do business. i think we have to get our act together. i hope we pay attention to
pakistan. they don't trust hamid karzai coming here. you remarked in the book you think he was elected but to a lot of the folks, they just don't trust him. >> it's very difficult. president karzai is the elected landlord of the country. we can't view our partner nations that we can call the shots. that is not what we want with the partner. we want a sovereign nation that can be strong. think we need to look at it that way. that the effort that our current policy is trying to implement. >> neil: do you think this president even wants to be in this region? he was critical about the bellicose nature of the bush years and he wanted to reverse that. he was stuck with it coming in and he couldn't get request quicker leaving? >> i think all americans, when they look at the region now, it's where the thrift 9/11 emanated from. we've had a difficult decade. >> neil: what would you have done after 9/11? >> it's interesting, i thought a lot about this. i would have acted a little differently but only with hindsight. first thing i would have done is 10,000 young americans to language school. i wo
where we thought they were, like in afghanistan and pakistan, and taken their act on the road. >> right. >> certain areas of the world it's a lot tougher to get to. >> not only have they packed up their act. these elements existed -- only these larger leaders and stronger leaders have ensured that these stockpiles of weapons and the money they collected actually from ransom money from other kidnapping and these funds there are and the weapons are there, and they sent theirs best leaders to these parts of the world so they only have better access to launch attacks on the west. >> scary stuff. thank you for filling it out for a dummy like me. it is amazing when you connect the dots. >> once this dreamliner nightmare is over. will it be on fliers' minds, and now a gig of her on tv. fox on top of an athletes girlfriend cashing in, and another athletes career spinning out. she's everything to you. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be
and if things get dicey for them in pakistan, they move to mali or algeria. they seem to be pretty good at movement. bigger question, should we do anything about that or do we just let them brazenly go unobstructed? >> we have to decide why we have the problem. if we decide it's spontaneous and they hate americans and there is al-qaeda that don't like our prosperity and they don't like our freedoms. you keep chasing them. if the problem of these threats toward us and disruption is because we're involved and the answer is be less involved. >> neil: what it is more about than that? what if they really do hate us and they really all about whatever the over tures. they can't stand it. they want us dead. >> they might ask the same question. we brought up a lot of hatred to go 6,000 miles away and kill people with drones. this is where the conflict is coming. we have to beat the drums of war in this hatred and go and do these things and then all of a sudden we have an epidemic of suicides of american soldiers that come back -- what am i doing over here shooting drone missiles and little kids
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)

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